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Visiting Haymarket Brewing Company


Haymarket Brewing Company

First I must say that I was incredibly proud of myself for finding my way to Haymarket Brewing Company. I was in Chicago for work, and decided I needed to go to at least one brewery. I am very directionally challenged, so even though Haymarket is very conveniently located, I felt full of satisfaction that I found it.

The inside of the pub was pretty typical for Chicago; dark, exposed building material/duct work type ceiling, rich treatments of wood and wonderful acoustics. I sat down and started ordering their 4 oz. samples. I am a huge fan of this sample size, just enough to get a good taste of the beer and not enough for a weakling like me to get tipsy. I started off with A Mash Made in Heaven (ABV: 5.0%). It was an American wheat with orange peels and peach juice. Just a warning before I start critiquing, I don’t have the discriminating taste buds of my husband. The beer was very sweet, almost dessert. I think most people would have really liked it, but I do not like my beverages sweet, I lean on the sour side. However, it had decent head, appropriate glass lacing, and a solid finish. A Mash Made in Heaven was the brewmaster’s wedding anniversary beer, which I think is very romantic (hint, hint).

My next beer was Bieber’s Banana Hammock Hefeweizen (ABV 5.0%). It is a German wheat ale with Weiss Bier Yeast. I was surprised that it actually did have a banana aftertaste. It was very light and refreshing, a great patio beer. I was still waiting on the pizza I ordered so I kept drinking. The Aleister Double American I.P.A. (ABV 8.0%) was my third beer, it was dry-hopped with Amarillo. This beer is not for a first timer. My first taste I thought it was too much, but the second taste completely changed my mind. By the time I finished the small sample I decided, that 4 oz., was worth hunting down the Haymarket.

I finished my visit with their BlackSox Porter and a pepperoni pizza. I don’t have an in tune palette for Porters, but this Porter was surprisingly delicious– I usually don’t like anything too dark. After four tasty beer samples, I was unfortunately disappointed by their pizza– maybe I expected too much being in Chicago.

In conclusion, if you are near Chicago you should stop in Haymarket and try a few beers.

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