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DIY Rain Barrel


Rain Barrel ConnectorWe planted hops, jalapenos, and raspberry bushes during a scorching summer. I was very concerned about our water bill. After a little digging around the Google, I found this project. Since we are new homeowners, and my husband hasn’t gotten sick of home improvement projects yet, it only took one email to get him to agree. The subject line, “easy way to water your hops” probably helped.

The reason I went with this barrel was that it connected directly to our downspout and had a connector for two hoses. One for me, one for him. It took my husband a couple of hours and I believe we spent about $60 on supplies. We set it up so one hose was going out to his hops, and the other soaker hose running along my jalapenos and peppers. Next year we will build one on the other side of the house for my raspberries. Download the Instructions.

Rain Barrel

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