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BEER REVIEW: Short’s – Kind Ale


I was able to try this beer over the weekend. Joe Short positions this beer with the notable aspects of local ingredients, primarily the hops… “from field to fermenter” is the tag. I have to say, this is quite a tasty brew. Pours golden with hue of amber and has a hop nose to be proud of. It bittered the back of my tongue as I expected it would. My only issue with this beer, is that it simply reminded me of an earthy Huma Lupa Licious, somewhat disappointing considering the hype and expectation behind this wonderful Wet-hopped ale.

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Short’s Harvest Ale, a seasonal beer made each fall to celebrate a successful growing season. True to tradition, we commemorate the earth’s agricultural environment by using freshly picked hops to “wet hop” this brew. Straight from the fields on Old Mission Peninsula to our kettle, local hops impart a mellow earthiness to this ale that lead to moderate bitter tones and a subtle sweetness in the finish. Source

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